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Looking for the salon look at home?

Get your DIY gel nail starter kit for $45


"What a great subscription as it has saved so much time and brought a connection between my teens and I. It's a weekly thing now... DIYing our nails together".

Anna O.

How It Works

The first kit includes your very own portable UV lamp with a USB charger, which you can use to dry and harden your gel nails. Reuse this lamp for all following kits. These kits included different colours on each delivery so you can change it up all the year through.


Delivered to your door 6 times a year, 3 on trend colours per kit. That's 18 carefully selected in style colours. You're all set!

Repeat Usage

Take time out DIY alone, with the kids or with friends! This is a gentler gel formula and removes easy.

Complements your nail products

Whether you buy a one time kit or subscribe, use the LED lamp from Kit 1 for your next delivery, or with other nail polishes you have at home!

NO lock in contract

Free cancellation and renewed at anytime!


Looking for something fun to do with your teens?

I was so impressed when my nail kit arrived, it was beautifully packaged and the products were lovely. The only problem is my teenage daughter and her friends keep "borrowing" my kit, so now I will be buying another one for her so I can have mine back! Lol - H. Underwood


No time for the salon?

Have you ever been caught out by a last minute invitation to a night out, party or work event? There’s no time to make a booking, travel to and wait at the nail salon. With your DIY Nails Emporium kit your nails are done in under 30 minutes and you’re good to go!


Want more time and money back in your life?

One of the biggest outlay of every woman, next to her car and home, is clothing, health and beauty products and treatments. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY beauty queen at home or you’ve only just begun this is the kit that works with your nail gels you already own!

Free Delivery in Australia

Look at what past customers have to say about this kit

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your kit was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety. 

Debra G.

My favorite subscription so far!

This is my favorite subscription so far. I love painting my nails and have an over abundance of polish so this is the perfect compliment.

Linda P.

Ive been really excited about this box!

I found that this months Nail box was filled with products to get you feeling and looking radiant! Ive been really excited about this box because I love the these products are new to me."

Glenda S.

Can’t wait to try them all, especially the Nail art tools!

Thank you for my January box! loving the product selection! Nail Kit, can’t wait to try them all, especially the Nail art tools.

Review Your Plan



/One Kit

Single Kit

With our gel nail kit, you will get a pre-packed box delivered to you.




Monthly Subscription

Subscribe now to receive a gel nail kit bi-monthly, thats 6 kits annually. Six customised kits will be delivered to you after every two months.

So what‘s the catch?

There isn‘t one. Seriously. No sneaky contracts, no tricksy fine print, and no BS. Still not convinced? Read on.

Why do my own nails?

DIY Nails Emporium’s gel nail kit is fun! Try one kit for $45 or take the option to subscribe. With free shipping to anywhere is Australia and delivered to your door, you can use it anytime of the day or night. So convenient!

What are the benefits other than saving money?

The benefits other than saving money are many, however we'll highlight two:

Convenience - 3 pre-selected on trend gel nail colours delivered bi-monthly, do we need to say anymore? Deliveries are very convenient because our fashion consultants research the trends select 18 colours (if you subscribe for 1 year that is the total).

Time - No more wasted time looking in stores, travelling to salons, rescheduling appointments when unforeseen life stuff happens... like the car won't start to get to the nail salon! Pull out your lamp and kit and away you go in under 30minutes your manicure is done (add a little more time if you are doing the toes too). Still faster than getting to and waiting in the salon.

Can I use other nail products with my gel nail kit?

Yes of course, we encourage you to be as creative as you like. Incorporate other products, decorative tool, and DIY ideas as you please. As our company grows, we will add nail care and tool products to our delivery range.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can subscribe, stop, and join up again as you please.

Can I gift my kit to someone else?

As a subscriber you may gift or share your kits with others, as we love this idea! After all it's all about getting the most out of each kit. However, your subscription is not transferable to others.

Why can’t I choose the 3 colours per kit?

The magic number is 18 gel nail colours over 6 kits per year. The range of colours are carefully recommended to us by fashionistas (as well as our customers) and we inform our manufacture to blend, create and pre-pack the kits to take the hassle out. This means you can spend this time on your other decisions and with important people in your life.