April 8

Clone of Nail Art Designs for Beginners to Try


If you don’t believe in blowing up money in fancy nail art studios and don’t want to miss out on this important fashion accessory, it is best in your interest to invest in a good nail art kit. With the kit, you can create so many easy DIY nail art designs at home, which will make all the girls visiting the nail art studio feel jealous. Here are some cute and vibrant nail art designs for beginners that you can try at home without elaborate tools: 

  1. Pastel tips: If minimalism is your style statement, then there is nothing more attractive than pastel tips nail art. It is relatively easy to create. Just follow these steps to ace the design:
  • To get the precise pastel line at the tip, all you need is the scotch tape. 
  • Cut the tape into small pieces and press them on the nails to only expose the tips.
  • Pain the tips in your preferred paste shade or colour of your choice. After it dries out, remove the tape gently, without making a mess. 
  • Don’t forget to add shine to your minimal nail art design. Add a high-quality topcoat. 
  1. Matte effect: Matte nails with glitter tips never fail to charm. It is an ideal nail art design for beginners as it is fairly simple to do. 
  • Apply two coats of nail polish in your preferred colour. 
  • Once the paint dries, very precisely draw the horizontal lines on the tip of each nail using the glitter nail polish. 
  • To lock the nail art in its place, use the topcoat for the matte nail polish. 
  1. Random doodles: The doodles that you draw on the back page of your notebook or in its margins can be used as an aspiration for beginners’ next nail art design. 
  • Apply the basecoat and the white polish on the nails. Apply at least two or three coats of white to get the complete white streaks. 
  • Once it is dried, use the high pigmented colour for the design to make it pop. 
  • Use a fine-tipped brush to paint the doodles on each nail. 
  • Ensure that the design is completely dry before sealing it with the topcoat. Else the designs will be smudged. 
  1. Classic polka dot: If you are looking for something pretty, simple and perfect, nothing can beat the classic polka dots. You can never go wrong with this design.
  • Apply the base coat and then choose the nail polish of your preferred colour and apply it twice. 
  • After it dries either use the dotting tool if you have or else use the tip of the bobby pin to create simple dots in the contrasting colour to the base. 

These are just a few nail art designs for beginners to try. Once you are pro at these, try and experiment and catch up on the trends by investing in a good and quality nail art kit. 

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