February 5

Difference between stamping polish and regular polish


Has it ever happened with you that you are super excited about stamping on your regular polish, and when you stamp, nothing is visible? Isn’t it a pretty frustrating moment? Especially when you have a party to attend or a date or dinner to go to. Wondering what the reason is? It is because the stamping polish is entirely different from the regular polish. Did you know that? The stamping nail polish is thicker in comparison to the regular nail polish, but this is not the only difference. There are many more. Here are some differences between stamping polish and regular polish:

  1. Consistency: Regular polish is much more watery and thin when compared to stamping polish. It means that the nail polish won’t cling well to the ridges and grooves of the stamping plates and would just be runny, making it harder for the nail stamp to pick it up and get a neat imprint. It is the reason the stamp might look smudged and untidy.
  2. Pigment: The stamping nail polish has more pigment in its formula in comparison to regular polishes. It is the reason that stamping nail polish creates clearer, crisper, and more durable designs. As the imprints made on the nails are thin, nail polish must be bright to show the design clearly. 
  3. Bright: The stamping polish is brighter, and therefore it allows you to see the design distinctly. It is opaque and thicker. Regular polish is thinner, and you can see the base colour through the stamp, making it look untidy. Therefore, the stamped nails with neon shades or black or white shades make many heads turn at the party. 
  4. It takes time to dry: Normal nail polish dries faster in comparison to the stamping nail polish. That means when using the normal polish, you will have to move faster to prevent the polish from drying either on the stamp or the plates. Haste might lead to mess and not give relevant results. 


Nail stamping demands precision, and you will surely not want to rush through the whole process. Accuracy is what makes the nail look beautiful and makes you look graceful and well-groomed. After all, vibrantly painted nails and elaborate patterns and designs reflect on your personality. This is why nail art has become a loved trend all across the globe. 


Now that you know the difference between stamping polish and regular polish invest in a high-quality nail stamping kit from DIY Nails Emporium that contains stamping nail polish, nail art stamping plates, scraper and rubber-tipped stamper. Nail stamping is an easy and quick way to make nails look fabulous with little effort and time. To get a professional finish, it is best to Look for a kit that offers only high-quality stamping nail polish. It must be highly pigmented, provide an opaque finish, and] of thick consistency. These qualities will make it easy to seamlessly transfer art from plate to nail. 

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