January 15

The Best Manicure Pedicure Kits to Master Nail Arts At Home


When it comes to a pedicure or manicure, gel nail art kits are by far the most durable choice. Gel nails can prevent loss of shine and chips, unlike average nail paints available on the market. A good one can even last almost three weeks. In short, gel nails are what you need from a manicure. Nevertheless, regular in-salon gel manicures can leave you and your pocket on poor terms. Hence, a DIY gel nail kit could be the best choice if you want a bit of pick-me-up.

But how can you have that shine and gloss effect without a skilled nail technician’s help? You can choose a gel nail polish or a gel top coat, which tends to be more hardwearing and thicker in consistency than an average polish. Otherwise, you can invest in an LED kit for a professional manicure at home.

Dos and Don’ts of the Gel Manicure


  1. You should have sufficient time to paint your nails neatly before applying a gel topcoat. Having badly painted nails for almost two weeks can be worse for you. Moreover, ensure ample drying time, i.e. at least half an hour, before applying the gel topcoat. Else, it will look messy or bubbly.
  2. Focus on your nails’ tips and horizontally run the polish wand across the nail’s top edge to seal in its ends. It will resist chips.


  1. Painting the nail polish very thick will make it simpler for your nail varnish to peel. Hence, you can do three thin coats instead of one thick coat.
  2. Remove all non-gel nail varnishes from your stock. After all, you can invest in a good gel nail kit to use in your gel manicure.

How to Apply At-Home DIY Gel Nails

Here’s how you can do the ultimate DIY gel manicure in some easy steps:

  1. Ensure to use a tool to push back the cuticles. Wrongly cut cuticles can cause infections.
  2. Now, file the nails to your chosen shape and length.
  3. Use a soft nail buffer to remove shine and leave your nails with a ridge-free, seamless base.
  4. You can use a lint-free wipe and nail cleansers for gels. Now, scrub it over your nails to remove dust and oils and leave them clean.
  5. Now, apply a thin layer of gel base coat and let it dry.
  6. Next, apply a coloured gel nail polish. Use at least three colour strokes. Repeat the same on your next nails.
  7. To perfect your coverage, apply a second coat of colour.
  8. Now, apply the gel topcoat. Never use it very thickly.
  9. Ultimately, wipe over your nails with a nail cleanser from the kit and complete with hand cream and nail oil.

Final Notes

Your nails need more pampering and care in the winter months. Ensure to get gel nail art kits from DIY Nails Emporium and give your nails a salon-like treatment. Go for a subscription to these kits to get them on time.

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