February 10

How to choose nail art design


Who doesn’t love perfectly manicured nails with bright nail paint or nail art? Cleaned and polished nails make the women look beautiful and give an edge to their personalities. 2021 was the year of playful french manicure, geometrics, and bold art designs. But in 2022, the love for nail art continues to grow, which means there will be many more ways to express your love. But not all designs are for everyone or every occasion. Here are some tips on how to choose nail art design:


  1. Colour: Nail polish and gels are available in many hues to choose from. The selection of the correct colour should be based on your personality. Some aren’t comfortable with bright colours like green or red, but some might rock them. Always go with a colour that you are comfortable wearing. 
  2. Occupation: Short nails are best if you prefer practicality. Long acrylic nails are a rage on Instagram and Pinterest, but they are also a hassle. But short nail art designs can be as beautiful, bold, and fun just as long nail art designs. You can even go for minimalist nail art designs. You can embrace the pink pale marble nails for an office-friendly look. Or you can even try the peachy nails or any other subtle hue to get the gorgeous hands. 
  3. Occasion: many people assume that nail art ought to be bold, but on the contrary, you can easily find designs that are subtle enough for every type of occasion. As per the occasion, you can choose from neutral to jazz to pop colours to compliment your look. If you are looking for nail art perfect for the first date, you can try the red moody half-moon design or dripping in gold or funky waves to elevate your looks. For a Christmas party, you can go for some Christmas-themed nail art. Try red nails with 3D white snowflakes, or add some winter bling to your new french manicured nails. 
  4. The shape of the nail: The shape of the nail can change the look of your hands, so you will have to be very careful. The nail shape you decide majorly depends on your personality and preference. Though, one tip you must keep in mind is that while deciding on the shape of the nail, keep the shape of your cuticle in mind. Also, it is crucial to keep your lifestyle in mind.


One last thing that should also affect your choice of nail art design is maintenance. The maintenance largely depends on the elements used, the technique of application, and the type of nail polish. So, make your choice wisely. If you want to try some trendy, unique, and beautiful nail art designs, then check DIY Nails Emporium. They have some great nail art supplies and kits to allow you to be playful and create your nail art designs. These kits contain the latest colours, tools, stickers and embellishments to create any design without much of a fuss. 


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