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DIY Nails Emporium Subscription

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DIY Nails Emporium gel nail kits are simple, easy to use, and delivered regularly (every second month) to your door, with a surprise gift every time!

Special offer! Buy now 30% off the Annual Subscription

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The first kit includes your very own portable UV lamp with a USB charger, which you can use to dry and harden your gel nails. Reuse this lamp for all following kits. These kits included different colours on each delivery so you can change it up all the year through.


Delivered to your door 6 times a year, 3 on trend colours per kit. That's 18 carefully selected in style colours. You're all set!

Repeat use unlimited times per kit

These kits are simple for a reason, so you can take time out for self-care alone; or enjoy as a fun DIY activity with your family and friends! This is a gentler gel formula and easier to remove than shellac.

Complements other nail tools

Although we don't sell acrylics and other accessories or tools right now, this kit can be used in conjunction with all nail design options. Re-use the LED Lamp in Kit 1 for kits 2,3,4, 5 & 6. For safety reasons acetone, nail polish remover liquids can not be shipped, please have a bottle handy at home.

NO lock in contract

For the DIY Nails Emporium experience is it best to buy the annual subscription as it is cheaper than the monthly option. Choose which subscription option suits your lifestyle and you can cancel and re-join anytime.

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What You Will Get in the Kits



One time first delivery


5 x 7.5ml bottles:
Base Coat, Top Coat, 3 bottles of gel nail polish: "pistachio", "bubble gum pink" and "silver sparkle"

1x 6W LED Lamp with a USB charger
1 x Cuticle fork
1 x Double sided cuticle pusher*1pc


KIT 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Delivered Every Two Months (bi-monthly, 6 per year)


3 x 7.5ml bottles different shades, gel nail polish (different colours to kit one)
1x nail file (disposable)
1x nail buffer (disposable)
1 x nail smoother (disposable)

How Does DIY Nails Emporium solve your Problem?

  • Convenience of delivery saves appointment setting and travel time 18 colours per year
  • Gel nail polish is better for the health of your nails than acrylic or stick on
  • Save hundreds of dollars on salon visits, travel and appointment time  
  • Have more fun creating nails alone or with family and friends
Nail Gel Flip Image
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It's like finding money!

On each visit to a salon, you could easily spend around $90-130 for manicure and pedicure services combined. This can add up to about $1080 – $1560 for the year to have both your nails and toenails done just ONCE a month. What if you could DIY? What if you could DIY in your own home, at a time that suits you, and have enough product left over from each delivery to re-do your own nails and of those of your friends? Super VALUE! With our gel nail kit subscription, you will get a pre-packed box delivered bi-monthly. Use it MULTIPLE times before your next kit delivery is due. That's like finding money.


Subscribe now to receive a gel nail kit every second month, that’s six kits, 18 colours per year for only $45 per month.



  • Lifetime Access & FREE delivery in Australia
  • Subscribed to monthly emails
  • Kit 1 with USB LED Lamp
  • Kits 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 delivered         bi-monthly.  
  • FREE surprise gift with every delivery

Subscribe now to receive a gel nail kit every second month at a discounted one-off annual price of $479.00. Six customised kits, includes a total of 18 colours per year 



  • Lifetime Access, save on monthly option & FREE delivery in Australia
  • Subscribed to monthly emails
  • First to access any new special offers 
  • Kit 1 with USB LED Lamp
  • Kits 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 delivered        bi-monthly 
  • FREE surprise gift with every delivery
  • 1 x 30 minute private coaching call

Frequently Asked Questions

Why DIY your own nails?

If you like going to a salon and paying a nail technician to do your nails, please stop reading - DIY Nails Emporium is not for you. 

Self care, and taking part in creative activities builds confidence, and is important to our well being. When you flex your creative brain muscles regularly this leads to better school performance in children, greater resilience and ability to adapt/solve problems in adults. 

It's a fun (it doesn't matter if they aren't prefect nails - you do you), relaxing and can be done alone or in groups to connect and enjoy!

What are the benefits other than saving money? 

The benefits other than saving money are many, however we'll highlight two: 

Convenience - 3 pre-selected on trend gel nail colours delivered bi-monthly, do we need to say anymore? Deliveries are very convenient because our fashion consultants research the trends select 18 colours (if you subscribe for 1 year that is the total). 

Time - No more wasted time looking in stores, travelling to salons, rescheduling appointments when unforeseen life stuff happens... like the car won't start to get to the nail salon! Pull out your lamp and kit and away you go in under 30minutes you're manicure is done (add a little more time if you are doing the toes too). Still faster than getting to and waiting in the salon.

Can I use other nail products with my gel nail kit? 

Yes of course, we encourage you to be as creative as you like. Incorporate other products, decorative tool and DIY ideas as you please.

As our company grows, we will add nail care and tool products to our delivery range.

Why can't I choose the 3 colours per kit?

The magic number is 18 gel nail colours over 6 kits per year. The range of colours are carefully recommended to us by fashionistas (as well as our customers) and we inform our manufacture to blend, create and pre-pack the kits to take the hassle out. This means you can spend this time on your other decisions and with important people in your life.

Can I gift my kit to someone else? 

As a subscriber you may gift or share your kits with others, as we love this idea! After all it's all about getting the most out of each kit. However, your subscription is not transferable to others.

Can I cancel my subscription? 

Yes. You can subscribe, stop and join up again as you please.

Look at what past customers have to say about this kit

Debra G.

My favorite subscription so far!

This is my favorite subscription so far. I love painting my nails and have an over abundance of polish so this is the perfect complement.

Linda P.

Ive been really excited about this box!

I found that this months Nail box had an awesome moisturiser to get you feeling and looking radiant! I've been really excited about this box because I love the the surprise nail polish colours and free gift."

Glenda S.

Can’t wait to try them all, especially the Nail art tools!

Thank you for my pre-launch box! Loving the colour selection as deciding colours is hard! Can’t wait to try them all, with my daughters!

Eleni Says

What I like the most about being ourselves, is that we can create our own unique look. I love that instant glow a person gives when you compliment them on their hair, shoes, smile, and, of course, their nails. It gets me every time. Celebrating our unique look and beauty; having confidence in our appearance can change our day for the better and have long-term health benefits. I find it uplifting and inspiring to see a woman enter a room so comfortable and confident in her appearance. I wish more women could experience that.

While my background has been in marketing, sales, business development and project work. My passion has always been to celebrate individuality and empower women to find confidence and joy through their unique beauty and style. To build and create a community of like-minded women that also want to empower and celebrate the beauty in others.
After years of buying every beauty mag, buying the latest nail polish and serums. I now realise it is time to use my business background, obsession with all things nails, and passion into practice.

If you're tired of hiding your hands, of spending lots of time and money at nail salons, or, if you're like me, obsessed with beauty, and style, whether it's testing new hand creams, nail serums, nail colours or knowing the latest nail shapes.
If you want to feel that joy you get after someone says, "Hey, your nails look great!" And as you stand a little taller and reply, "Thank you, I did them myself!"

Come join me and other women on the DIY Nails Emporium experience. I'll deliver you the valuable tools and techniques to help you develop confidence through creative expression. And together we'll empower each other, test new products, review products and teach each the latest nail tips and tricks.

Special offer! Buy now 30% off the Annual Subscription

(Coupon Code V9KKCJCV)