September 17

Best Nail Art Ideas to Get Gorgeous Nail Designs


In the past few years, the craze for nail art has exploded. Nail art these days has become a space to express yourself. While you’re sitting on the lawn and listening to the newest music, your nails can speak for themselves. Every style-conscious woman knows that nails need close attention. Therefore, it is best to invest in a nail art subscription box so that you can create your own nail art designs whenever needed and don’t have to spend hours at the salon for your turn.

A fresh and perfect manicure and nail art are ideal for adding extra to your outfit and personality. Whether you prefer avant-garde nail art designs or subtle nail art, here are some nail art ideas that you can use to up your style quotient.

  • Tribal nail art: It can be as vibrant and colourful as you want it to be. This nail art design never fails to make a huge impact. Just mix and match the prints to coordinate the colours, so they look cohesive. If you are looking to add some glam to your art, add a touch of gold. Tribal nail art designs allow you to play with the different patterns to create exciting prints.

  • Ombre nail art: Why go for a single shade when you choose ombre nail art? The whimsical gradient of tones from shadow to light is taking this nail art design by storm. The French ombre is perfect for daily looks, while glitter ombre nails are loved because of the edge it adds to your personality. Though, the rainbow ombre effect works best for parties and summer festivals. Choose the one as per the occasion and your mood.

  • Pastel nails: This trend is here to stay forever. Some of the popular pastel colours to try are pink, yellow, mint, and lavender. Create dreamy geometric pastel art if you are looking for something that will make many heads turn.

  • Zig zag or Chevron nails: If you love retro and jazzy designs, there is nothing more exciting than chevron nails. Though it might look complicated, the design can be recreated easily at home. You just need nail polish of your favourite shade and some sticky nail art tape. With a bit of practice and patience, you will be rocking this retro manicure in no time.

  • Marble nails: Ultra-sophisticated and modern marble nail art is striking the right note with nail art enthusiasts. You can either go all out or opt for one single marble nail to give your whole look an extra edge.

  • Animal print nail art: Animal print nail art is an excellent way of incorporating fun. The cow print nail art, cheetah print nail art, and snakeskin nail art are sure to make you look stylish and give your manicure an edgy look. One of the most loved animal print nail art is hearty paws that speak volumes about your love for four-legged furry paws.

Your nails play an essential role in making the right impression. So ditch the plain base for stunning nail art that can easily be created using the tools and paints from your nail art subscription box by DIY Nails Emporium. Visit us to know more.



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