January 8

Nailscapes: 2022’s Hottest Nail Trend


Pinterest has revealed its beauty trend prediction for 2022. According to this forecast, nailscapes, the landscape-style nails designs, will take centre stage in 2022. We have seen many amazing nail trends last year. There were hunter green nails, graphic arts, etc. The world of beauty and nails always promised to add joy to our lives. And hopefully, 2022 will not be any different.

Impressive Nailscape Design Ideas

With the arrival of the nailscape trend, stargazing has become simpler than ever. In 2022, people will fall in love with the landscape-style designs and paint them on their digits. This year since natural references on nails are on-trend, try aurora, desert, geode, ocean, and even galaxy nail art styles to experiment with textures and colours to reflect nature on your pretty nails.

1. Aurora Nails

Feminine and sweet – the aurora nails are ideal for charming and sophisticated women who love to keep up with the latest trends. The oval gold decor and the pink effect in the middle make a mesmerising combination that you cannot ignore.

2. Ocean Nails

Are you going on a beach vacation? Then ocean nails are perfect for you! These nails will make you wish you had some little gold seashell charms so they could stay on the tiny beach end of your nails. You will need a royal blue, teal, light blue and tan/nude/sand-coloured nail polish, and a top coat and a glitter topper of your preference to create this nail art.

3. Geode Nails

These days, crystal lovers are delighted with Geode nail designs. So, we can now enjoy crystals on our nails without feeling too ‘blingy’. You don’t have to go to a salon to get these. With a little use of your creativity and imagination, you can design geode crystal nails on your own at home.

Geode nail art is for trendy people who feel bored with old nail art designs. Geode nail art is an ideal combination of jewel tones and glitter polishes. The combo, colours, shades, and sparkles can make your nails look exclusive. Moreover, you can make your geode nail by getting a distinct design for every nail. The one that goes perfectly with your wardobe can make your nails look even more gorgeous. So, let’s try some simple geode nails to do at home!

4. Galaxy Nails

We all were going crazy for mermaid nails about a year ago. Everybody wished that amazing micro-fine dusting glitter to make their nails appear like candy. Many women are still obsessed with that look.

After the mermaid saga, women shifted into sugar-coating. Galaxy nails are a way to achieve a look without the notable grit of sugaring. Or, we can say it’s a promising colour restriction of the mermaid method. They come in multichrome/duo flakes and holo, and women love them.

Nail art is here to stay, and it’s not all French tips and flowers anymore. The amazing nailscapes boast the beauty of crystals and gemstones, the swirling colours of the galaxies, and the movement of glittering water. Get a nail kit from DIY Nails Emporium, and feel free to get use it in conjunction with the above creative with nail ideas!

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