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6 Gel Nail Kits from your DIY Nails Emporium Subscription

Confidence Through Creation™

Our nail kits are easy to use and are delivered to you every second month, so you can keep your nails looking salon-quality without spending hours in a chair getting the perfect manicure.



We are so happy  that DIY Nails Emporium has been selected as a finalist for the best Innovative Product Award 2021. It really is an amazing achievement to have made it this far. It is a great honour to be placed in such a distinguished rank.
Thank you all for being with us.

Convenient kits 

DIY Nails Emporium gel nail kits are simple, easy to use, and delivered regularly (bi-monthly) to your door, with a surprise gift every time! The first kit includes your very own portable UV lamp with a USB charger, which you can use to dry and harden your gel nails. Reuse this lamp for all following kits. These 6 kits included 3 different  colours in each box so you can change it up with a total of 18 colours all the year.

Nails before beauty. Confidence through creation. 


Sometimes you just need to take a moment.

With your DIY Nails Emporium kit, you can have that moment every day—for less than $5 a day!

DIY Nails Emporium gel kits are shipped straight to your door once every other month, so you can do your nails at home, in your own time, and share it with friends! Your DIY manicure will last up to1 days —and for half the cost of a salon visit! Each box comes with everything you need: polish (including a base coat and a top coat), nail files and more. Kit 1 comes with a new USB powered nail lamp so you can cure your gel polish like the pros. And when it's time for a new colour? We'll send those too! Or mix it up with nail polishes you already own!

Don't forget to treat yourself today—you deserve it!



How does DIY Nails Emporium save your time and gives you convenience?

  • Convenience of delivery saves appointment setting and travel time
  • 18 on trend colours per year
  • Gel nail polish is better for the health of your nails 
  • Share with friends or kick back for 'you time'

What Others Say


A fantastic idea! So easy to use too!



What a great subscription as it has saved so much time and brought a connection between my teens and I. It's a weekly thing now... DIYing our nails together.

M. L.


So handy to have the kits at home, a rescue package when I am juggling work and family. These days I can't get to a salon and there it is - the kit and I am done in 30minutes!!!

S. K.

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How it works?


Your first DIY Nails Emporium Gel Kit is complete with some essential tools, a UV Lamp, 3 fantastic colours, top and base coat


Every second month your other gel nail kits are delivered. That's total of six DIY Nails Emporium kits per year and saving big dollars avoiding those salon visits!


Subscribe now $45 per month or pay the annual subscription all at once for just $489.00 including shipping, no extra costs or contracts for customers in Australia. Worldwide shipping is available and will be charged at international delivery rates from Australia to your chosen overseas location.