September 29

Things to Look For in Pedicure Kit Subscription



There is something incredibly therapeutic about getting the pedicure and manicure done. Sitting in a chair with the feet dipped in warm soapy water with sea salts and binge-watching your favorite show, it is a time like this that accounts for some of the best time spent. For all the times you wished for a pedicure only to realize that it is an odd hour, it is best to invest in a good pedicure kit and nail art subscription box. A combination of both these will give you the power to have the most fantastic nails right from the comfort of your home. Yes, you read it right, no more taking treks to the salon or waiting for your appointment at the salon.

When looking for the pedicure kit, here are some things to look for in it:

  • Nail polish remover: look for a kit that comes with a gentle nail polish remover. Pick the non-acetone one as it weakens and dries out the nail beds. A good nail polish remover is a must to remove old paints, debris, natural oils from the nails, and other buildups.

  • Nickel foot file: An exfoliating tool is an absolute must. Look for the pedicure kit that comes with a sturdy nickel foot file, as it can work wonders on stubborn calluses and makes the heels significantly smoother and softer if used consistently.

  • Cuticle pusher: To help your nail grow stronger and healthier, use a cuticle pusher. Look for the dual-ended tool with a cleaning tool on one side to pick the dead skin away while you work. It makes doing pedicures and manicures a lot easier.

  • Cuticle oil: Another must-have in the pedicure kit is the cuticle oil. After pushing the cuticles to apply cuticle oil or cream to the skin around the nails to prevent damage to the cuticles. It is a great tool to replenish, strengthen and protect the toenails.

  • Pumice stone: It is a critical tool to get rid of all the calluses and dead skin. Run the pumice stone back and forth on the side of the feet, heels, and soles to get smooth feet. Later dip the feet again in warm water to make them clean.

  • Foot cream: To replenish the lost moisture during scrubbing, it is best to hydrate the feet with a foot cream. Give yourself a foot massage to mimic the feel of the pedicure at the salon. Make sure that the cream isn’t greasy, as it will make it harder for the nail polish to latch to the toenails.

Later only one thing is left to do. Paint your nails and create nail art that speaks about your personality. Use a gel nail subscription box from DIY Nails Emporium to create beautiful nail designs to give the finishing touch to your look. Also, well-painted nails are sure to make you feel fantastic from head to toe when you head out for the next date night or girls night out. Visit us to know more.



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