September 3

Must-Haves In The Professional Gel Nail Art Kit


With the state of the world we live in today amid the fear of infection and lockdowns and opening and closing of salons as per the guidelines of governments, it is best to invest in your professional gel nail art kit. Gel nail art is preferred over acrylic nail art as it is more long-lasting and looks natural. Some of the reasons for the growing popularity of gel nails are:

Long-lasting: While acrylic nail polish is a good option, it doesn’t last long. Gel nail art lasts for over three weeks. It won’t break, peel, or chip very easily. Also, you need not worry about smudges as gel nail polish is cured by UV light, which immediately hardens it.

Experiment with design and color: Gel polish is incredibly versatile and allows you to create new designs and nail art. It is effortless to apply layers to create a design as each layer can be cured, making it completely dry before applying the next layer. It allows you to experiment with metallic, glitter, bright colors, and embellishments to express yourself.

Dries very quickly: When using acrylic nail polish, it can take up to an hour to completely dry. But the gel nail art dries very quickly, freeing up the time to get on with your day.


Must have in the professional gel nail art kit

Basecoat and Topcoat: A high-quality basecoat is essential to create a good base work and smoothen any bumps on the natural nail for the enhancements. Similarly, the topcoat that dries fast and assures high shine is a must.

Gel nail polish: You can have a professional gel nail art kit without enough gel nail polish. Pick the kit that comes with a range of textures and colors to choose from, like glitter, matte and metallic shades.

Tools: To make exciting nail art, you need a good selection of professional brushes to apply the enhancements with precision and ease. The kit must have smaller and bigger brushes to create different designs. Thin brush, flat-tipped brush, and dotting tools are all needed to create beautiful designs.

LED or UV lamp: A gel nail art kit is incomplete without a LED or UV lamp set. It is essential to set the nail art and give a perfect glossy finish. Prefer the set that comes with a cordless UV LED lamp. As it allows you to set any gel polish and once charges can last for two hours.

Nail accessories: A gel nail art kit is incomplete without nail accessories as they are a must to create impressive designs. Look for the kit that consists of rhinestones, glitter, metallic powder, and some 3D pieces.

If you like to flaunt chip-proof and stunning nails that are sure to last for weeks, order a professional gel nail art kit and begin experimenting with the colours and designs. Within no time, you will indeed be creating stunning designs. Also, remember to add new things to the kit with time to take your craft to another level. Visit us to know more.



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