November 27

Professional Manicure Kits to Get At-Home Salon Experience


Are you searching for a comprehensive guide to know how to get gel nails at home like an expert? Are you confused about the tools necessary for gel nails and how to select professional manicure kits for you? Our easy-to-follow guide about gel nails for newbies will undoubtedly come in handy.

Pampering your nails and providing them with a makeover will be a fantastic idea. Doing gel nail manicures at home is now more convenient than your imagination.

In this blog, we will discuss the supplies you need for doing gel nails like a pro. You can consider this guide as your detailed shopping list to get a salon-worthy manicure at home.

Essentials You need to do Gel Nails like a pro

With utmost patience, the right strategy, and practice, you can excel in the art of salon-worthy gel nail manicure at home. If you are wondering what essentials you require here is the list of supplies:

1. Basecoat

Your gel manicure kit should incorporate a basecoat. It protects your nail from staining.

2. High-Gloss Topcoat

A gel manicure is incomplete without a high-shine topcoat. It locks all in place and shows a salon-style shine.

3. Premium quality LED Lamp

A practical LED nail lamp that features a timer and auto-on settings is necessary if you want a professional manicure at home. Our lamp in kit one is powered by a USB charger so you can take it anywhere, anytime!

4. Prep with a Cuticle Softener

To prepare the nails before providing them a makeover, buy yourself a cuticle softener, follow the directions on the bottle and use the cuticle pusher, trimmer in the box to trim the cuticles.

5. Nail file and buffers

Next steps use the nail file to create your preferred shape and gently skim over the surface of each nail.  This will rough up the nail and the base coat adheres better.

6. Nail polish remover liquid

For safety reasons, our kits cannot be shipped/transported with acetone nail polish remover. Make sure you pick up a bottle from your local supermarket.

7. Lint-Free Alcohol Wipes

Although many people overlook them, lint-free wipes are good to have and wipe up any spilling or errors. A DIY trick is to use cotton tips dipped in nail polish remover and run it around to mop up any polish on your skin.

8. Your preferred gel colour polishes

A professional gel manicure kit contains on trend colour polishes to help your look stay fresh and very “now”. We preselect 3 trending colours per kit to take the worry out of colour selection, it’s super convenient and you can create so many variations and designs

9. Gel Remover Foil Wraps

Since you cannot easily take off gel polishes, foil wraps are necessary to remove your gel nail colour. You can by these over the counter. Or DIY at home with cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover and wrap each nail with aluminum foil for 3-5minutes. This will soften the gel and then gently scrape off.

Final Notes

Hopefully, this is helpful for all you need for doing gel nail manicures at home. Instead of gathering individual supplies, we recommend you purchase our subscription to get professional manicure kits delivered. It saves time, money, and the hassle of looking for the bits and pieces from different stores.

Expert salon professionals have put together DIY Nail Emporium’s high-quality manicure kits. We prepare the best gel nail kit that provides essential tools only and polishes alongside pre and post-nail care tips. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s time to give your nails the self-care they deserve!

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