January 28

Winter nail care tips for beautiful and strong nails


Do you know that winters are not only hard on your skin but also on your nails? So, as you seriously change your skincare routine, it is just as essential to reform the nail care routine to prevent your cuticles and nails from getting ruined in the winters. 


Icy winds, dry conditions, and snow make a perfect disaster recipe for nail health. If you dream about having perfectly manicured nails round the year, you need to take some extra care during the winter season else the nails will start to flake and chip. Here are some easy winter nail care tips to ensure the nails stay strong:


  1. Moisturize the nails: One secret to healthy skin is moisturizing. It also stands true for nails. Brittle and dry nails might result from many things, but one thing that works is moisturizer. While applying lotion to your hands, give extra attention to the nails. There are plenty of moisturizing nail products in the market to choose from. 
  2. Cuticles aren’t your enemy: Most love cutting and pushing back the cuticles, but you need to know that it acts as the natural protective seal. Messing with the cuticles can make the nails vulnerable and there is a risk of infection. Also, when the cuticles are dry, it can lead to nail bed injury and can severely affect the way the nails grow. Therefore, it is best to apply cuticle oil or cream to keep them strong. It is best to use the oil before going to bed so that they have all night to soak it up.
  3. Avoid water: This doesn’t mean that you stop taking showers or wash your hands. You just have to wear gloves while doing laundry or gardening or dishes. Contact with water can weaken the structure of the nail. The water puts strain on the nail cells, which leads to breakage, peeling, and brittleness. 
  4. Regular filing: As you will be wearing gloves whenever you leave home, it is imperative that your nails don’t have cracks or ridges. Filing them gently twice a week helps ensure that the edges stay smooth. It is vital for saving your nails as, in most cases, ridges lead to breaks and snags. 
  5. Apply nail polish on clean nails: With added moisturizing routine and cuticle oil, it is normal for the nail polish to chip more. It is tempting to peel the nail polish, which many times also pulls off layers of your nail plate. It is majorly because the oil in the moisturizing cream interrupts the nail polish bond. Before you paint the nails, don’t forget to use the nail polish remover. Many believe that remover removes the surface oils, which is true, but it also helps in locking the oil which has been absorbed into the nail. Never miss the base coat and topcoat, as it is crucial to protect the nail and seal the nail polish. 


Experts from DIY Nails Emporium also believe that investing in a good nail care kit can help you maintain the healthy, strong, flexible, and beautiful nails you deserve. 

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